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It's Not Our Children Who are Illiterate, It's the Parents

It can now be said, MSNBC news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry has clearly shown to all of America that this news network has hired illiterate, agenda-driven news personnel to report the news. Ms Perry was quoted as saying, "Our children really don't belong to you, they belong to the collective," (Reference Agenda 21). Ms. Perry represents the view of a minority who would yet again bring another 'collective' blow to the American family. This time it's hidden in their rhetoric that the 'collective' thinkers have not spent enough money on public education, thus creating illiterate (in this commentary I refer to the definition of illiterate as having little or no knowledge of a particular subject) children across America and they are blaming you.

Let's get something straight right now! Our children attending schools across the country are not illiterate, rather they aren't taught about our great history, about respect, and about consequence for their actions. As Gomer Pyle said so many times, surprise, surprise, surprise!

It's the parent who is illiterate, and the reasons could fill the Rose Bowl ten times over.

Whose fault is it our education system ranks among the lowest in the 'civilized' world? If you believe Ms. Perry and her minions, you have struck out. She and her fellow political progressives on the left side of the debate have an agenda, and it's the same one Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin had.

Look into the mirror, and I'm sure you will quickly discover we are to blame for our slothfulnes, and our refusal to hold our elected officials, our media, and our educators to account. Isn't it a shame that parents are not taking control of their own children?

Adolf Hitler gave a speech in November 1933 and was quoted in the William Shirer book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, he said, "Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."

Do I need to say any more to convince you that the United States Department of Education has a set agenda to take your children away from you (Agenda 21)? Adolf Hitler, Mao, Stalin, to name only a few took control of the children in every land they occupied.

The three dictators above are responsible for the murder of just under 100 million people. This all occurred in the mid to latter part of the 20th century. And now my friends this same preliminary to genocide is coming here to the United States. Do you find this ironic rhetoric coming at a time when the political 'leftists' in our country are demanding gun control? Do you think the two issues connect? They most certainly do, and I challenge you to take literacy seriously and get in touch with world history and discover for yourselves that we are falling into the same trap as did Germany, Russia and China. These countries lacked freedom. We in America have freedom so there is no excuse for you to allow someone to take control of your parenting responsibilities.

Are you going to leave it to government to take care of your children? What has government ever done that is good and right outside of protecting our country?

Your children belong to you! Are you all prepared for the Federal Government, state government, and local government to take charge of your kids? These tyrants won't stand before God regarding your children, but you will! Are you willing to sit back and let this happen without a fight? It's time to organize, and for every pastor in America to take this critically important issue to your congregations. Tell parents to wake up and take responsibility for their own children.

Join the Black Robe Brigade here if you want to be united in stopping this tragedy from continuing to invade America.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson is Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church outside Seattle. He is a former Seattle Seahawk and Dallas Cowboy linebacker who lives with his family in Redmond, Washington.

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