J.John to Lead Largest Evangelistic Event in UK Since Billy Graham 32 Years Ago

(Photo: YouTube/Screengrab)Evangelist J.John speaks at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia. Video published July 5, 2015.

International evangelist J.John is set to gather 20,000-40,000 people from across the U.K. on July 8 for an event at the Emirates Stadium, which some have said will be the largest evangelistic event of its kind since Billy Graham preached there 32 years ago.

J.John, a Christian activist and author who has spoken before audiences in 69 different countries on six continents, has been promoting his JustOne event on social media. The Saturday event will include performances from artists such as Matt Redman and Hillsong London.

People are being encouraged to bring "just one" person, be it a relative, a friend, neighbor or colleague, with 20,000 people expected to hear "how the Good News of Jesus can transform lives and bring purpose."

Inspire Magazine noted on Tuesday that "there hasn't been an event on this scale in the U.K. since American evangelist Billy Graham visited 32 years ago.

The JustOne event has been backed by some high-profile figures, including Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England.

The U.K. community has suffered a number of tragedies in recent times, from the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London Bridge to the massive fire at Grenfell Tower earlier in June, where at least 80 people were killed.

"J John argues that all the world's problems are born out of a lack of forgiveness," Inspire said.

"While governments and charities attempt to alleviate the symptoms of these problems, faith leaders can tackle their root cause, as the Christian message is one of forgiveness for the past, new life today and hope for the future."

In an interview with Premier earlier in June, J.John estimated that if the 20,000 people who bought tickets all manage to bring one friend along, then as many as 40,000 could actually fill the stadium.

"There is biblical authority and historical precedent for mass evangelism. I find it significant that outside the increasingly secular West, mass evangelism has continued, particularly in the majority world, with some spectacular rallies in places like Africa," the evangelist said in the interview.

"Mass evangelism reminds the world that the Church is not dead. It's easy to ignore a few little fellowships hidden away in anonymous buildings in a dozen suburbs. It's much less easy if there are tens of thousands of people in your city's main stadium. JustOne at the Emirates Stadium is the first of many anticipated stadium events."

As for how many of the people there will make a commitment to follow Christ on the day, he said: "I would be delighted if 4,000 or more people responded on the day, but let us see what the Holy Spirit does!"

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