Jane Seymour on Plastic Surgery: 'I'm Proud of My Wrinkles'

Actress Jane Seymour has given a new, revealing interview in which she spoke about her plastic surgery and the pride she takes in her all-natural wrinkles. Seymour has, of course, made a name for herself after starring as a Bond girl and Michaela Quinn on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

"I'm proud of my wrinkles," Seymour was quoted by Daily Mail. "They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your peril. I think the good thing about my face is it has always been expressive. With Botox that goes – not what you want as an actress."

However, that has not prevented Seymour from having some cosmetic surgery done on the rest of her body. It's one of the ways she has managed to keep your youthful good looks while aging, and Seymour is not ashamed to admit what she has had done.

"Top and bottom [of her eyes], years ago. I was asked by photographers if I'd consider getting them done because they spent so much time touching up pictures. It wasn't a big deal. I went out for lunch the day after surgery," Seymour explained.

She also had breast augmentation after the birth of her first children. "It was 20 years ago. I'd breastfed my first two children and things weren't what they had been. I'd never had a big bust – I always say they had to make smaller implants just for me, but I wanted the shape back … clothes fit and look better. It was a good move."

The 61-year-old actress has had a rather unique career ever since starring in the 1973 Bond film, "Live and Let Die." She went on to have a history of TV movies and mini-series, including "War and Remembrance" before starring on "Dr. Quinn." It was a series that no one expected to succeed but later became a blockbuster that spurned two made-for-TV movies.

These days Seymour is taking on new roles that one might not normally expect to find her in. For example, she starred in 2005's "Wedding Crashers" and will next be in "Austenland" and the TV movie "Elixir," both due out next year.