'Jane the Virgin' Season 2 Plot Rumors: Jane Getting Married?

Season 2 of "Jane the Virgin" will soon premiere on The CW next month, with the show's executive producer claiming the titular character will be getting hitched.

Gina Rodriguez, who catapulted to fame for her role as the religious and virginal Latina hotel employee who finds herself pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake during a routine medical checkup, will reportedly be getting married when her character Jane returns in Season 2.

Jane the Virgin
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Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman confirmed Jane will be joined in holy matrimony, and further hinted there may be someone new entering the picture when Season 2 airs in mid-October, giving rise to speculations the messy love triangle from Season 1 may dissolve next season.

Season 1 ended last May with Jane giving birth to a baby boy and Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan), aided by a nurse, kidnapping the baby and spiriting him off to parts unknown, adding a major twist to the season's finale.

With Rose/Sin Rostro speculated as attempting to establish a hold on the Solano family and her ex-lover Luisa (Yara Martinez) by getting her hands on baby Mateo, the love triangle between Jane, her inadvertent sperm donor, Rafael (Justin Baldoni,) and Michael (Brett Dier) may eventually dissolve as all parties unite to go off after the kidnapped infant.

Urman has also confirmed baby Mateo will be returned in the coming season. With Michael allowing Nadine (Azie Tesfai) to escape his custody, and hopefully lead him to Sin Rostro, there is a great possibility that a tearful reunion between mother and son is imminent in the next season.

Season 2 is also going to see Jane struggling as she tries to retain sight of her goals and keep her sense of self, while being the best mother she can be to little Mateo. While she may get her baby back and find The One in the bargain (and hence, get married), the struggle with coming to terms with the new developments in her life vis-à-vis her career goals will be depicted on the show.

"Jane the Virgin's" Season 2 premiere is scheduled to air on The CW on October 12, Monday at 9pm ET.

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