Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's 'Holy Grail' Video Released as a Facebook Exclusive

Jay-Z just released a video for smash single "Holy Grail" featuring Justin Timberlake off of his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

The video is directed by Anthony Mandler, who previously worked on Rihanna's "Diamonds," Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It," and Taylor Swift's "22."

The new video debuted on Facebook, making him one of the first artists to do so according to Ace Showbiz. The video will run on Facebook until noon, and then will be moved to YouTube.

"What we're doing with Jay-Z today is really exciting and we think emblematic of the evolution of music and how musicians can connect with their fans," said Nick Grudin, head of content partnerships for Facebook to Ace Showbiz.. "And we think that is particularly evident in Jay Z's approach here, which will really allow him to go direct to a massive and instant global audience."

"It's something that only Facebook I think can really deliver in this way, given the scale of the audiences musicians have and the global nature of those audiences and the social dynamics of what happens when they engage on Facebook," he continued.

Watch the video here.

The two artists have a combined 42 million LIKES on Facebook, and over 27 million Twitter followers.

The video has over 15,000 Facebook shares so far.

Timberlake's own video for "Tunnel Vision" off of The 20/20 Experience is a smash hit as well.

The video was briefly banned for violating policy terms for nudity and sexual images on video sharing site, but has been allowed back.

"While our guidelines generally prohibit nudity, we make exceptions when it is presented in an educational, documentary or artistic context, and take care to add appropriate warnings and age restrictions," a Google spokesperson told ABC News.