Jennifer Aniston Talks About Pressures to Have a Baby 'It's Very Narrow Minded!'

Jennifer Aniston recently spoke out about her relationship with actor Justin Theroux and her frustrations with society constantly associating her level of happiness with not yet having a baby.

The 43-year-old, who was out promoting her latest film "Wanderlust," brushed off on-going pregnancy rumors as "ridiculous" and revealed that she is the happiest that she has ever been in an interview on "CBS This Morning."

"It's very narrow minded I think," Aniston told CBS co-host Gayle King about the assumptions that she must be unhappy because she has never had children.

"That doesn't measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, in my achievements, in any of that. It's truly being comfortable and not giving a crap what other people think!" Aniston explained.

The former "Friends" actress also spoke about being comfortable with her age despite the on-going pressures to stay young which many Hollywood actresses often face.

"I think it's important every year to celebrate your birthday, and be excited about it. I'm 43 and it's great!" Aniston told King.

"I feel like I'm about thirties...thirty. I honestly didn't start to feel my best until I was in my thirties, like physically you know I started eating better and taking better care of my body in terms of being physical and exercise," she added.

In a separate interview, Aniston allegedly told friends that she is ready to take the next step with boyfriend Justin Theroux, insisting that she would be married before the end of the year, according to the New York Daily News.

The couple, who had known each other for five years prior to dating, have been inseparable in recent months and is likely the reason that Aniston boasts about feeling great and very content at this stage in her life.

"[I'm] so happy...than I've ever been!" Aniston told King.