Jennifer Aniston Wedding Delay Explained? Actress, Justin Theroux 'Madly in Love'

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ReutersJennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on the red carpet.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly planning to wed after several delays and a source revealed the couple is happier than ever.

The Hollywood couple, who got engaged in 2012, was expected to walk down the aisle in the spring of 2013, but the wedding date was reportedly pushed back due to work commitments.

Aniston, 44, is currently filming her latest film "Squirrels to the Nuts" in New York City and Theroux, 41, is also there filming his new HBO series "The Leftovers," so subsequently the couple has had little time for wedding planning.

"They just haven't finalized plans yet!" a source told Us magazine regarding the wedding delay, adding that the couple is "madly in love."

Another alleged reason for the delayed nuptials is that Aniston, who was previously married to actor Brad Pitt, and Theroux reportedly could not agree on a wedding location and future living arrangements. While the former "Friends" actress is set on living in Los Angeles, Theroux is believed to prefer New York, but in recent weeks they reached a compromise.

"Jen and Justin have gone back and forth on where to marry and whether to have a destination wedding so many times. Jen has always made it clear LA was her first choice and Justin has compromised and agreed to marry in California," a source told Daily Mail.

"Justin's reservations with LA are well known and he wanted to marry on the East Coast where his friends and much of his family is based, where he proposed to Jen and where he feels most comfortable," the source added.

While it was claimed that Aniston had previously declined Theroux's requests for pair to relocate to Manhattan because she feels as though she is living in a "fish bowl," a source insists this was never the case.

"Contrary to popular opinion, Jen does not hate New York- she studied there growing up but it's now become too intense for her. She has made it clear how much it would mean to her to get married near where they now live and where she is happiest and feels most settled," the source said.