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Jennifer Granholm's DNC Speech Described as 'Over the Top,' 'Energizing'

Michigan Gov. Pumps Up Obama for 2008 Bailout of US Auto Industry at Convention

Jennifer Granholm's DNC Speech Described as 'Over the Top,' 'Energizing'

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm electrified the audience at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night with an energized speech focusing on the American auto industry, which President Barack Obama chose to save with an $85 billion bailout package in 2009.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 6 in Charlotte, S.C. | (Photo: Screenshot/Detroit Free Press)

Some observers have called Granholm's speech inspiring, while others found her over-the-top energy to be strange.

"The entire auto industry, and the lives of over one million hard-working Americans, teetered on the edge of collapse; and with it, the whole manufacturing sector," Granholm yelled to the audience at the DNC in Charlotte, S.C., yesterday evening.

"We looked everywhere for help. Almost nobody had the guts to help us -– not the banks, not the private investors and not Bain capital. Then, in 2009, the cavalry arrived: our new president, Barack Obama," the former governor added.

"He organized the rescue, he made the tough calls, and he saved the American auto industry," Granholm said of Obama's controversial decision to provide bailout money to the American auto industry, the hub of which was located in Detroit, Mich.

"America, let's rev our engines! In your car and on your ballot, the 'D' is for drive forward, and the 'R' is for reverse. And in this election, we're driving forward, not back," Granholm yelled, concluding her speech as the crowd chanted "USA!"

Granholm's speech, although undoubtedly energizing, received mixed reactions from viewers.

"Jennifer Granholm goes crazy, or maybe just stays there," tweeted Jim Treacher.

"At the very least, she was seriously guilty of over-acting, and the very worst, she was 'impaired,'" commented one reader on the conservative blog "The Rio Norte Line," referencing rumors that Granholm was somehow inebriated during her speech.

Others were in support of Granholm's speech, saying that her high energy was the perfect rev-up for President Barack Obama, who also spoke at the DNC last night to push his platform and accept the Democratic Party's nomination.

"She was over the top, but it was far from embarrassing. That was barnburner of a speech, firing up the audience and taking it big to Romney. That was fun to watch," commented one reader on The Huffington Post article describing Granholm's speech.

"If anyone ever tells you a woman can't give an energizing, hard-hitting speech, tell them to watch the video of Jennifer Granholm tonight," tweeted David Gergen.

Granholm, a Canadian-born American democrat, served as governor of Michigan from 2007-2011, when the American auto industry in the state faced bankruptcy.


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