Jennifer Lawrence Bullied as a Teenager, Forced to Change Several Schools Growing Up

Still riding high after her Academy Award win, actress Jennifer Lawrence has not forgotten the events growing up that made her the strong, confident person she is today.

Lawrence revealed that she was tormented by bullies growing up as a teenager and, as a result of the constant abuse, had to change schools numerous times.

"I changed schools a lot when I was in elementary school because some girls were mean. They were less mean in middle school, because I was doing all right, although this one girl gave me invitations to hand out to her birthday party that I wasn't invited to," Lawrence told The Sun during a recent interview.

"But that was fine, I just hocked a loogie on them and threw them in the trash can," she added.

In the same interview, Lawrence discusses her sudden rise to fame and being considered one of Hollywood's most attractive and desirable women.

"It's hard for a young woman because typically the roles you're offered are beautiful and [mean], ugly and nice or pretty and stupid. I've been lucky to stay away from that. I never play characters that are like me because I'm a boring person. I wouldn't want to see me in a movie," Lawrence said.

"As for being a sex symbol, I don't think of myself as sexy and, obviously, it's not true," she said. "I'm going to try to push that out of my mind because it makes me queasy."

She does like to think of herself as a regular person who enjoys mundane and trivial things like eating pizza for breakfast and a person who has a soft spot for starch.

"The other day I had pizza for breakfast, buffalo wings for lunch and pizza for dinner … probably my favorite food is a potato -- just a potato, because I like fries, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes," she said.

In November, Jennifer will return to the big screen as no-nonsense Katniss in "The Hunger Games: Catching