Jennifer Lawrence Sings, Reveals Talent in 'House At The End Of The Street'

In addition to being one of today's top actresses, Jennifer Lawrence has wowed fans with her impressive singing voice in a video for her new movie this week.

A video for Lawrence's new horror film "House at the End of the Street" features the 22-year-old actress singing the song "All You've Got to Do is Fall in Love" by Benji Hughes.

The Academy Award-nominated actress also debuted her musical talent in several of the films' scenes. Lawrence portrays Elissa in the horror movie- a high school student who can sing and play the guitar.

Music supervisor for the film Steve Lindsey said that working in the recording studio with Lawrence was a "great day."

"Even [though] she was nervous, her humor about the situation shined through her begging for us to 'Photoshop' her voice," he revealed to Yahoo! Movies.

Best known for her role as the bow-and-arrow wielding Katniss Everdeen in "Hunger Games," Lawrence had to switch gears for "House at the End of the Street."

The transition from role to role appears to have been simple, but the actress admitted that many of her other skills are limited.

"I'm such a bad dancer," said the actress according to W magazine. "I don't have many talents: I'm not a good cook, I can't clean and I can't sew. The only thing I can do well is shoot a bow and arrow- which I learned to do for 'The Hunger Games' and will probably never come in handy- and act."

The actress joked that her self-proclaimed inabilities would have been even worse in older times.

"Imagine me 100 years ago: I would have been pointless," she said.

While "House at the End of the Street" was the first project Lawrence had to record a song on, the actress did sing a lullaby a cappella in "The Hunger Games" and sang along with a car radio in 2008's "The Poker House."