Jenny McCarthy New Show Hue Hefner Inspired: Will Interview Celebrities Laying Down

Jenny McCarthy will debut a new talk show in February that she hopes will be the missing piece in late night television.

McCarthy, a former Playboy model, has said that late night television is missing something. To find it, she hopes to look to her former boss, Hue Heffner, for inspiration. McCarthy will work with producers to mimic the 1969 series "Playboy After Dark." The show hosted a series of celebrities who would sit down to chat with Hefner. Afterwards Hefner would host an all night party in his mansion, complete with catering. The show ran two seasons before being pulled off the air.

"That was really my goal and that's our goal now as we do... rehearsals," McCarthy said adding that she wanted to add the same vibe of "Playboy After Dark" to her own show, while mixing in unique conversations with celebrities.

As part of this new initiative, McCarthy, who was one of the hosts during the New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square, will take her own twist on doing interviews. Her most recently tested model involves a side to side, laying in bed style confession.

"I wanted to kind of put my own stamp on how I do celebrity interviews, so I've been doing a segment right now called 'Groundbreaking Interviews,' where I take the celebrity and we literally lay on the ground and we look up and we have the camera overhead and I interview them in a casual conversation," she said.

"And I've found by doing this, which I've tested -- Bradley Cooper -- it works quite well. There's something that [happens where] the celebrity kind of lets go and has a little bit more of a conversational tone," McCarthy added. "It's not so scripted."

McCarthy's new talk show will debut Feb. 8 at 10:30 pm ET on VH1.