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Jeremy Lin Gives Tim Tebow Advice, Excited for QB's Move to Jets

Jeremy Lin Gives Tim Tebow Advice, Excited for QB's Move to Jets

Tim Tebow, the newest addition to the New York Jets, has admittedly given New York Knicks starting point guard Jeremy Lin advice. However, Lin has now returned the favor, advising Tebow on his big move to the Big Apple.

After an 82-79 win over the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday night, Lin told reporters about the advice he would give Tebow.

"Everyone gave me some advice," Lin said with a smile. "They said make sure not to read the papers. But I don't want to say that to offend you [reporters]. That's what I've been told, so I don't really read anything. And I think it helps me."

Tebow has spoken about previously giving advice to Lin, who rose to stardom in February after leading his team to six straight wins and breaking NBA records.

Tebow, a Christian athlete who has frequently made his faith known, said he can identify with Lin, who is also vocal about his Christianity. The Jets' newest quarterback previously spoke about providing Lin with advice since he could identify with the rising Knicks star.

"He's a good guy and very humble," the QB said. "There are a lot of exciting things happening for him. We talk a lot on the phone, because I know what he's going through, and I've been giving him some advice. He's handling it pretty well and staying focused."

Lin, who has also been vocal about his Christian faith as a professional athlete, said Tebow inspired him even before they met. In an interview with 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, located a short distance from his hometown of Palo Alto, Lin spoke about his respect for the Denver Broncos quarterback.

"[...] I think the things he says in interviews, his approach to the game is just unbelievable and I respect him so much," Lin said. "I want to be able to do some of the things that he does in terms of the amount of charity work and the nonprofit work, and the way he impacts people off the field. I think that is what is most inspiring to me about him."

After his win over Philadelphia on Wednesday, Lin expressed excitement for Tebow coming to New York.

"He's a great guy from everything I hear and the conversation I had with him was great as well,"Lin said."I'm just excited for him and to see what he does and see what happens next year. ... I'm excited he's going to be in New York."


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