Jeremy Sisto's Baby Named Bastion Kick Sisto

Jeremy Sisto, best known for his role as the progressive dad on ABC's "Suburgatory," has finally chosen a name for his newborn son. Sisto and his wife, Addie Lane, had their baby boy on Friday, March 9th, in Los Angeles but did not settle on a name right away -- much to the disappointment of Sisto's fans.

"Little man finally told us his name; BASTIAN KICK SISTO," the television and real-life dad tweeted.

Sisto's daughter, age two and a half, boasts a rather original name. She is named Charlie-Ballerina. Assuming his new son would also be given a unique name, many fans were growing impatient and clamoring to hear what the new baby's name would be. But Sisto, Lane, and the baby took their time. It wasn't until Wednesday, March 21 that the "Suburgatory" star revealed his baby boy's name. To the delight of fans, the Sisto family delivered and came up with an truly unique name.

The "Suburgatory" star explained a bit about his family's baby-naming process on "Live! With Kelly," a few days before they settled on Bastian Kick.

"My wife is stressed about [naming him], but I'm hoping something magical happens. . . that makes me think, 'Oh, well of course this is supposed to be his name,'" Sisto said on the show.

The actor also implied that procrastination had a hand in the delayed naming of his son, saying, "If naming babies is anything like doing homework, then for me it'll take a while to name this kid."

When coming up with their daughter's name, Addie Lane "went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren't normally names," Sisto told People magazine. That's how the couple came up with Charlie-Ballerina. Sisto and Lane have been married since 2009.

Other than "Suburgatory," Sisto has had major roles in "Clueless," "Six Feet Under," "13," and "Law and Order."