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'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Spoilers: Jessica Pits Against Rival PI Company Mogul

'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Spoilers: Jessica Pits Against Rival PI Company Mogul

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The tycoon of an influential private investigating company has his eyes locked on Jessica (Krysten Ritter) in the upcoming season of "Jessica Jones."

As Game Spot reports, the installment of the Netflix series will introduce Price Chang (Terry Chen), a fierce rival of Jessica's. He is the head of Chang Consulting Management, a large firm that wants to absorb Alias Investigations. Chang plans to take advantage of Jessica's powers to attract superhuman cases. In the new trailer released, he is telling the heroine that sooner or later, she will say yes to his proposal. When Chang warns that he never takes no for an answer, Jessica retaliates with a loaded, "How rapey of you."

After Jessica's superpowers were exposed to the public, she has received plenty of requests from clients. Chang must be threatened by Alias Investigations' sudden rise in popularity and wants to do something before he loses more patrons. Meanwhile, there are also other new faces that will appear in season 2, aside from Chang. There is Jess' new superintendent Oscar (to be played by J.R. Ramirez) and Trish's (Rachael Taylor) journalist boyfriend Griffin (to be played by Hal Ozsan). Oscar has a son who will develop a fascination with their new neighbor, Jessica.

The new trailer also shows a frustrated Trish calling out Jessica's alcohol obsession. In the clip, the heroine is shown chugging whisky straight from the bottle. Trish has become increasingly worried for her best friend and she has good reasons to be. Because of Jessica's bouts of violent outbursts, she will be forced to attend an anger management class. Trish must be behind this as she watches her friend turn brooding and dangerous by the minute. She reckons that Jessica is biting more than she can chew with all the PI and superhero work. Trish even wants her to consider having a sidekick.

"Jessica Jones" season 2 will air on March 8 on Netflix.


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