Jock Turns Gay After Suffering Stroke, Online Readers React

A former British jock claims he became gay due to suffering a stroke brought upon by a broken neck while attempting a back flip.

The Daily Mail is reporting 26-year-old Chris Birch went to sleep one way, and woke up a completely different person, and those changes have been happening since 2005.

"It sounds strange, but when I came round, I immediately felt different,” said Birch to the Daily Mail. "I wasn't interested in women any more. I was definitely gay. I had never been attracted to a man before. I'd never even had any gay friends."

Birch began to alter his appearance upon discovering his preference change. He lost 110 pounds, cut and styled his hair, and started dating men as well as quitting his job and rugby career to study hairdressing.

“I had to learn to walk, eat, even speak again and all my family were supporting me, hoping they would see the old Chris come back soon enough,” Birch told the Mirror.

“My old friends would come round and visit me but the conversation would dry up straightaway. I wasn’t interested in the rugby scores, going down the pub to watch football or anything else I used to do."

Everyone hoped Birch would revert, but he never did.

“Suddenly, I hated everything about my old life. I didn't get on with my friends, I hated sport and found my job boring," he said to Fox News.

Birch explained how everyone told him he was more sarcastic, and his mannerisms changed, so he started avoiding old friends who wanted him to be something he was not anymore.

"To me the way I felt was natural," he said.

The former rugby player went to a dance club with his new friends and met a man who has since become his boyfriend.

He told the Mirror, “I continued seeing this man and then one night we slept together. I knew then that I wasn’t interested in women any more. I was definitely gay."

Readers on Facebook reacted to the news story, and the comments were mixed with some citing scripture verse and God's word as an authority against homosexuality. Others argued Birch was originally gay and just needed a reason to come out.

Emily-Cosette Divito used the Bible to back her feelings: "Sorry but that just sounds ridiculous. God created us in HIS image.Genesis 2:24 "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.""

"Leviticus 18:22 "Do not lie with a man as... one lies with a woman; that is detestable" To be gay is a choice. and non the less, clearly a sin. There is no act of nature that can make you gay. So maybe he was gay before the stroke and covered it up and now this is an easy way out?” Divito added.

Christopher John Mandala agreed with the later part of Divito's statement: "It was an excuse. He didn't have the mental fortitude to come out on his own so he used the stroke as a scapegoat."

"It is inherently not biological, if being gay were normal, then 2 men (or women) would be able to reproduce, simple as that. If it were a biological trait, it would have been evolutionarily eliminated millions of years ago,” Mandala added.

Lisa Lee was angered by how many people approached the subject of gay marriage, and said homosexuals should "not be treated as second class citizens."

Octos Alius did not pick a side, but was more in favor of Birch: "God Created ADAM in his image. and considering some men have xy, some have xxy, or the most relevant, xyy, we certainly aren't all the same image. The brain is many... a weird thing. It's both, by the way. Nature (brain chemistry) and Nurture (Experience dictates taste)."

"Also..God, as you said, made the human template of his image. God has felt human sin, whether he considers himself to the standard isn't the point, he has felt wrath, killed off an entire planet's worth of species and peoples not of the ark in white hot anger. Murder is nature vs nurture isn't it. / Not-Gay,Not Anti-God, just calling it what it is. Love the sinner, not the sin,” Alius added.

Birch now lives with his 19-year-old love interest above the salon he works at.

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