Jodi Arias' Pet Name for Travis Alexander? 'Hottie Biscotti,' Prosecution Reveals

Testimony Turns Graphic During Cross-Examination

Jodi Arias' relationship with Travis Alexander was the focus of the prosecution during today's testimony. Arias has been on the stand for 12 days now, and prosecutor Juan Martinez presented a great deal of evidence showing the intense nature of Arias' relationship with Alexander.

Recordings of conversations between Arias and Alexander were played for the court as Arias again took the stand in her defense. The jury heard explicit conversations, including sexual fantasies, exchanged between the two. Martinez attempted to prove that although Arias has presented a picture of Alexander being obsessed with sex, she actually willingly participated in the acts.

At one point Martinez showed a text message that revealed Arias' pet name for Alexander, which was "hottie biscotti." When asked whether or not it was especially for Alexander, Arias replied, "I call a lot of people that."

The prosecutor then claimed that Arias must not have cared too much about Alexander, because she sent a text message with the same pet name to another man with whom. She is alleged to have had a relationship with the other man as well.

Martinez showed a lot of footage of Arias' "48 Hours Mystery" interview, which seemed to contradict her claims of self-defense. The jury heard Arias describe being attacked by a man and woman who allegedly threatened her life and killed Alexander. Arias said she tried to pull Alexander to safety.

"He was crawling, kind of moving but not getting up," Arias said in the TV interview. Yet she was unable to get away from the two assailants, who argued over whether to kill Arias or not.

Arias has already admitted that she lied during the interview and lied to police during the initial investigation into Alexander's death. She now claims she killed him in self-defense and that she feared for her life when Alexander "lunged" at her.

"I couldn't keep my lies straight," Arias said today under oath.

She will continue to take the stand until the prosecution has finished its cross-examination and the defense has its turn to ask further questions. Arias faces the death penalty if found guilty of Alexander's murder.