John Hagee: Old Testament Prophecies 'Like Reading the Daily Headlines'

John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas giving the closing prayer at the ceremony celebrating the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, May 14, 2018. |

Reading the Old Testament prophets Daniel and Ezekiel is "like reading the daily headlines," Pastor John Hagee said in a Christian Post interview about his new book, Earth's Last Empire: The Final Game of Thrones.

Hagee has long taught that the Bible offers prophetic writings of what's seen in today's social and political landscape. In Earth's Last Empire, released Sunday, the San Antonio-based senior pastor of Cornerstone Church says God's hand is imprinted all over human history. He also claims to show how prophesy is currently being fulfilled today, along with what that all means for the future of the world.

Below is an edited transcript between CP and the televangelist where he shares more information about his new book and why people in this generation should study the Bible and stay informed about the times we are living in.

The Christian Post: Earth's Last Empire: The Final Game of Thrones, can you explain the meaning of the book's title?

John Hagee
From New York Times best-selling author John Hagee comes Earth's Last Empire: The Final Game of Thrones, set to release Sept 18, 2018. |

Hagee: The title reflects the Bible's teachings of the battle between good and evil and God's eternal kingdom.

CP: Following the Trump administration's decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, where do you think we are in the timeline of biblical prophecy?

Hagee: God has sole control of His time clock. I do not believe the moving of the U.S. Embassy was necessarily part of a prophetic plan. I do believe that President Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem put America on the right side of history. Jerusalem has been Israel's capital since King David established it over 3,000 years ago. The president's decision recognized that fact.

CP: You have said this generation is the most uninformed generation concerning God's plan for the future. Why do you think that is?

Hagee: Broadly speaking, I believe that many in this millennial generation are uniformed on most historical, political and Biblical issues. They have surrendered their right to think to a social media misinformation movement that dictates the "self-perceived reality of the moment." With this progression comes the loss of Biblical literacy, which impacts all aspects of God's message to the world. It is the charge of the church to teach God's infallible Word to the next generation. Man has always been fascinated with the future. When you consider that nearly one fourth of the Bible was prophetic at the time it was written it is vitally important that Christians are familiar with its teachings.

CP: You titled a section of your book The Final Game of Thrones. Do you think we are approaching the final empire?

Hagee: First, it is futile to make predictions, but the final empire will appear after the 1,000 years of perfect peace produced by the coming Messiah. Second, the world will never end but will be recreated to be like the Garden of Eden—this, in fact, will be the final empire.

CP: In your studies, have you found Bible scriptures that specifically relate to today's turbulent political landscape?

Hagee: A portion of my book, Earth's Last Empire, reflects the revelation God gave to the prophets Daniel and Ezekiel of forthcoming events. Reading these prophecies is like reading the daily headlines.

My book details what Bible prophecy teaches, my goal is to illuminate today's headlines in the context of scripture.

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