John Levi Miller, Ex-Wrestler, Sues for Embarrassing Injury

Former wrestler John Levi Miller has filed a lawsuit after losing his right testicle as a result of a wrestling match injury.

The 23-year-old Indiana native claims his opponent kicked him in an unscripted attack during the match, causing his testicle to rupture.

Miller is suing the Coliseum Championship Wrestling promoter and his opponent Clinton Woosley, also known as Guido Andretti.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, contends that Miller's opponent Woosley was scripted to be the "heel," a wrestling term to describe to villain or loser, in their match last June.

Woosley allegedly understood the plan that he would lose the match, that "it would be ok," reported the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky. Instead, Woosley tried to win the match and viciously kicked Miller in the groin.

Despite still winning the match, Miller's attorney Larry Wilder of Jeffersonville, said the wrestler applied ice to the swelling after returning home from his match with Woosley. Still suffering the following day, Miller was forced to visit a hospital where doctors ended up removing his ruptured right testicle.

Testicular trauma symptoms include extreme pain, scrotal swelling, nausea, and vomiting, according

"The kid never complained about nothing," said Coliseum Championship Wrestling owner Sam Cosby, who also told the Louisville newspaper that Miller won the match, as scripted, and gave no indication that he has been injured.

The lawsuit which was filed in Clark Circuit Court in Jeffersonville accuses Coliseum and Cosby of negligence and breaching their duty to guarantee Woosley's ability to safely entertain the crowd and deliver the match's predetermined outcome. It demands unspecified compensation for Miller's injury and surgery, as well as coverage of his legal fees.

Formerly an aspiring WWE wrestler, Miller has appeared as a contestant on season two of Oxygen's reality television series "Love Games." His lawsuit seeks a jury trial for the wrestling injury.