JonBenet Ramsey Book Claims Case Could Have Been Solved, Says Detective

James Kolar, the lead detective in the JonBenet Ramsey case, has released a new book about the mysterious case, which has never been solved. He attests that the case could have been solved had investigators looked at and pursued two key clues: a cobweb and a child's toy.

In "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet Ramsey?" Kolar offers his theory as to what actually happened to the girl who captivated the nation. Ramsey was murdered in 1996 and has baffled police ever since. Now Kolar takes apart the clues and points to two crucial pieces that the police may have overlooked.

One of those is an intact cobweb in the basement window, which Kolar states, is proof that there was no intruder. The Ramsey family always maintained their innocence and even though they were thoroughly investigated by police, was not charged for the murder.

"By the time I parted company with the D.A.'s office," Kolar wrote, "I was convinced that there was no significant possibility that an intruder had been involved in the death of JonBenet."

The other piece of evidence police neglected, Kolar theorized, was a toy in the basement. When JonBenet's body was found, she had two abrasions on her lower back that could have been made by electric jolts from a stun gun. Kolar disagreed with those authorities and found no evidence of an electric jolt. He discovered a toy in the basement and matched its imprint with those found on JonBenet's body.

The District Attorney dismissed Kolar's evidence in 2006, and he has been wrestling with the decision to make it public ever since.

"I think I have a reputation for wanting to see things solved," he explained. "If you want to call that obsessed, I guess you could."

Kolar has made the decision to come forward now since the likelihood of prosecution is extremely rare.

"I think it's being thorough," he told The Daily Beast, "and I wanted to see that justice is served."