Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Will Mariah Yeater's Embarrassing U-Turn Dissuade Others? (VIDEO)

Mariah Yeater, the woman accusing Justin Bieber of fathering her son, is reported to have dropped her paternity lawsuit against the pop star.  Her claim was about to be tested through the submission of a DNA test, which the Canadian singer had decided on taking to prove her claims false.

 Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Will Yeater’s Dropping of Her Case Dissuade Others from Making Similar Charges against Bieber?

According to the celebrity website TMZ, Yeater quietly ended her challenge that Bieber fathered her four-month-old son, Tristan Anthony.

Accordingly, two attorneys of Yeater’s, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, have reportedly left the case.

The pressure had been mounting on the California woman to prove her claim that the 17-year-old singer was the father of her child.

Bieber had decided on taking a DNA test to disprove Yeater’s claim, upon his return from a European engagement. The singer’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, had already informed Yeater’s attorneys that the test would be done.

Did Yeater succumb to the pressure of having to face the weight of the law in case her claims were shown to be false?

Accordingly, the singer had planned on suing the woman, once her claims were disproved. Bieber’s team believed a law suit would be important as a warning to others that there are consequences for making false charges against celebrities.

Will Yeater’s abandoning of her case in the face of tremendous pressure, serve to dissuade others from making the same charges in the future? It is unclear if the Bieber legal team will continue with its plan to sue the 20-year-old woman.