Justin Bieber, One Direction Clear Up Collaboration Rumors

Justin Bieber and One Direction (1D) are not joining forces to create music, despite reports that they are collaborating for a new song. Although the boys recently met in Bieber's studio, they all insist it was simply to hang out.

"No, we just went down there to have a look around at his recording stuff and he invited us down to have a listen to his album. He's a nice guy and we had a good [listen] to the album, but I don't think there's any collaboration in the cards." 1D's Liam Payne told MTV.

Fans of the British boy band and 17-year-old Bieber flocked to social networking site Twitter after news of a supposed collaboration broke, but Bieber was quick to clear up what appears to have been a simple misunderstanding.

"One Direction were here a couple of days ago, they hung out at my house. We never worked on anything, we just hung out, they're just cool. They're around my age," Bieber said about 1D on the U.K. show "Daybreak."

Although Bieber also revealed that he would be open to working with 1D, both parties admitted that nothing is currently in the works.

The rumors were accidentally triggered by Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, who recently spoke about Bieber's appreciation for 1D.

"[A collaboration is] very possible. He likes them and thinks they are good dudes. All people of that generation should be there to help each other," Braun previously told the Huffington Post.

Braun's comments were followed by news that 1D were in the studio with the "Boyfriend" singer, which increased speculation.

Both Bieber and the 5-member boy band are among the highest selling artists in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Tickets to 1D's Madison Square Garden show in December sold out in less than 60 seconds after going on sale April 6.

Bieber recently had his own good news to celebrate after first week sales of his new single "Boyfriend" scored him the second highest number of first week sales ever.