Justin Bieber's Girlfriend is Jordan Ozuna? 'She's Still Married,' Says Mother-in-Law

Justin Bieber and Jordan Ozuna have been spotted together recently, with many fans and critics assuming the two are dating or may even be boyfriend and girlfriend. However, the model's estranged mother-in-law, Kim Ozuna, says that Jordan is still married.

According to the mother-in-law, the Las Vegas waitress and model was married "right out of high school" to her son, Daniel, who is currently in the Coast Guard. The marriage only lasted a few years, with the couple separating for the time being, but on paper, they're still currently married.

"She's still married. They've been separated a good year," Kim Ozuna told Celebuzz.com. "They were very young when they got married. … They'll figure it out on their own."

She speculated that her son and daughter-in-law could be divorcing.

"They're probably in the process of getting divorced," Ozuna explained.

Justin Bieber and Jordan Ozuna's relationship was first exposed June 16, when the two were caught kissing at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving while waiting to become weightless.

"In the waiting room area … they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses," a source told E! Online of the pair's rendezvous. "Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had … his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders."

"He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell," the insider added.

When Kim Ozuna was informed of the relationship, she said, "I'm not surprised." Jordan is attempting to break into the entertainment industry, and has been in Las Vegas for some time.

She also claimed that her son Daniel is working overseas and may not know about the 22-year-old model's involvement with the 19-year-old pop star.