Kanye West Tweets Nude Photo of Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West shocked his Twitter followers on Tuesday when he tweeted a revealing photo of a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Although the rapper almost immediately took down the nude photo, thousands of his followers retweeted it before they finally realized that it was not Kardashian and actually a porn actress by the name of Amia Miley.

The photo shows Miley seated at a table completely undressed and eating; it only shows the actress from the back and does not reveal her face, which is why so many fans assumed that it was Kardashian, who has the same hair color.

Miley is not the only alleged Kardashian-look-alike making headlines. Myla Sinanaj, the woman who has been romantically linked to Kardashian's estranged husband Kris Humphries, is reportedly considering helping Kardashian, 31, in her upcoming divorce trial, according to Radar Online.

Sinanaj hired renowned Hollywood attorney and former prosecutor Joe Tacopina after Humphries accused her of extortion following an alleged report that the NBA star made with the FBI.

"My client isn't going to rule anything out at this point including whether or not she would be willing to assist Kim Kardashian in her divorce case," Tacopina told Radar.

"I will say this, Kris Humphries has to be the only 7ft. man in the universe to have two women under 6ft tall bully, defraud and attempt to extort him. It's absolutely ridiculous," he added.

Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries after just 72-days of marriage in October, and while the reality TV personality is pushing for a divorce, the New Jersey Nets player instead wants an annulment based on fraud.

As a result of the estranged couple's disagreement on how the marriage should end, they have been scheduled for depositions at the end of June and will likely be faced with a public divorce trial.

Kardashian maintains that she married Humphries with genuine intentions, but Humphries insists that she married him for publicity and financial gain.

Humphries' recent falling out with Sinanaj, who he reportedly dated casually before breaking it off, could now backfire.

"It would be pretty hard to claim that you are broken hearted if you are dating my client just two months after the marriage broke up. My client's relationship with Kris goes to heart of his claim against Kim Kardashian and that could hurt him, certainly," Tacopina said.