Kardashian Barbie Dolls Push Parents To Boycott Toy Giant Mattel

Kardashian Barbie Dolls Push Parents To Boycott Toy Giant Mattel

Parents have begun targeting toy producer Mattel to express growing concerns over Kardashian Barbie dolls that will likely hit stores in 2012.

Limited-edition Kim, Khloé and Kourtney dolls are being made according to E! News, and critics are now flocking to social media websites to vent their frustrations.

The 'Boycott the Kardashians' group, which encourages consumers to boycott all things Kardashian, recently encouraged its followers to forward their complaints about the Kardashian Barbie dolls directly to Mattel, which produces Barbie.

The group, which has more than 500,000 signatures worldwide, condemned what is said to be the world's largest toy manufacturer in a statement sent directly to the Christian Post.

"It will hurt their (Mattel's) brand because 570,080 people have said they will stop supporting companies that work with the Kardashians," the group wrote in an email.

"They (Mattel) are selling out for money and do appear desperate to boost sales. When they are more incline to make a Kardashian doll and not a bald doll for kids with cancer I'd say they are heading down the low road," they added.

Although some fans have expressed excitement about the Barbie dolls, many parents are questioning the morality and appropriateness behind "Kardashian dolls."

The Kardashians are well known for their reality shows and critics argue that their claim to fame is similar to that of socialite Paris Hilton's.

"Kim got her start and millions of dollars from an adult video that was leaked. Most reasonable parents steer their kids away from people like that," the group explained.

"When parents support this type of behavior by buying these products it basically tells children that these people are role-models that you can look up to, we feel it sends the wrong message," the group added.

One Facebook user known as "Tee Bee" posted a letter written directly to Mattel, which condemns the company's supposed plans to produce the controversial dolls.

"I am disappointed that Mattel would even consider having such a doll that represents all kinds of wrong to young girls," Tee Bee wrote in the letter.

"Why are these women glorified for contributing nothing positive for our young girls except sex, money, greed..the list goes on," the letter added.

Mattel has not yet responded to the complaints.


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