Karen Swift Murder Investigation Commences as Body is Found (VIDEO)

The body of missing mother-of-four, Karen Swift, has been found by police; sparking a murder investigation to find her killer.

Swift, 44, was found in bushes near a cemetery two miles from her Dyer County, Tennessee home. Police, as yet, have refused to release any details about how she was murdered.

The mother went missing on Oct. 30 at about 1.30 a.m., and was last seen leaving a party to return to her home after a Halloween party. Reports have said that Swift had filed for divorce just 20 days prior to her disappearance from her husband David.

 Karen Swifts Body Found

However, court documents also show that the couple seemingly had already agreed custody arrangements for their children, as well as child support payments. It has also been revealed that the couple was still living together at the time of her disappearance.

Police were able to identify Swift’s body through dental records at the weekend.

According to Fox News, Presbyterian Church, Youth Pastor Matt Tyler has said: “My heart goes out to her children and that's where my prayers have been, for the children.”

Investigators have said that her car was found a mile from her home with a flat tire. The car has been searched for evidence but any findings have not been disclosed to the media yet.