Kate Middleton Baby: Twitter Debates Royal Baby and Pending Sign - Cancer or Leo

With news that Kate Middleton went into labor Monday morning, new speculation is arising over whether the royal baby will be a Cancer or Leo. There is a great deal of Twitter speculation as well as bets.

Given the timing of the pending birth astrologers are speculating that moment of birth will determine if the baby is a reserved Cancer or passionate Leo.

Should the baby be born before 4:54 p.m. GMT it will be a Cancer, same as its father Prince William and late grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales.

However, if the baby comes after that mark astrologers stated that it will be a Leo, such as its great aunt Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, and Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Deike Begg, an Astrologer with The Association of Professional Astrologers International, revealed that time the baby is born would have a large part in determining the child's personality.

"If the baby is born before 4.54pm they will be a Cancer - like father William. But its moon will be in Capricorn - which is the same star-sign as mother Kate," Begg told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "This means the baby will share a lot of the parents' personality traits."

"As a Cancer, the child will be very family oriented like its parents and sensitive. Cancers often appear strong on the outside but are very soft on the inside. But with a Capricorn moon it would also be aware of its responsibilities and dependable," Begg added.

People have taken to Twitter to express their own wishes.

"I really hope the royal baby is a Leo. Hold out a few more hours, Kate!" user Maridel Reyes wrote."

Others hoped for a royal Cancer.

"My only wish is for the #RoyalBaby to be a Cancer and not a Leo" user Ronan wrote.

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