Kate Middleton Celebrated 32nd Birthday With Whole Foods Dinner at Kensington Palace?

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Neil HallKate Middleton arrives at the SportsBall annual charity gala dinner in London

Kate Middleton reportedly celebrated her 32nd birthday in a low-key fashion as insiders claim her mother Carole organized a family dinner at Kensington Palace.

The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have spent the day with Carole, her sister Pippa and Prince George before being reunited with her husband Prince William in the evening. The Duke, 31, recently enrolled in a 10-week agricultural course at Cambridge University which he began this week, but he was photographed running to the train station in Cambridge en route to London, for Middleton's birthday dinner.

"It was just before 5 p.m., William spent all day studying and then ran onto the station platform just in time to get the train. He was obviously eager to get that one rather than wait for a later one," a source told E! News.

"Unfortunately it seems [Prince] William was tired after his full day at Cambridge. They've stayed in and are having a meal at Kensington Palace. [Prince] Harry is with them," the source explained.

The family is believed to have feasted on a mouth watering meal which Middleton's mother Carole picked up from Whole Foods supermarket.

"Carole [Middleton] was spotted at lunch time picking up food from Whole Foods. Then she went back to Kensington Palace, so Carole is with them, too," the source said.

Just one day prior her mother Carole was spotted doing some last-minute shopping in London which sources suspect may have been in preparation for Middleton's Jan. 9 birthday.

"Carole came into London from Bucklebury for a shopping spree on the Kings Road … She spent about an hour and a half in Peter Jones where she was browsing and purchasing items from the Lancôme counter," a source revealed.

William is renowned for putting much thought into birthday gifts for Middleton, which in the past have included romantic getaways and tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. It is unclear what exactly he presented his wife on her birthday, but one report suggested he had approached pop star Taylor Swift about the possibility of a private performance for Middleton, who is a big fan of the singer.

"When he met Taylor Swift recently he asked her if there's any likelihood she's in the UK for the New Year, or just after, because he knows Kate's a fan and she's love to meet the singer," the source told Closer magazine.