Kate Upton, Justin Verlander Double Date: Model Attends Next-Day Game (VIDEO)

Kate Upton has been linked to rising All-Star baseball pitcher Justin Verlander after the two were spotted together on a double date.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher was spotted over the weekend alongside Kate Upton as the two seemingly shared a night out on the town with two other friends.

Upton and Verlander first appeared together for an MLB video game commercial titled "The Perfect Club." Upton stops Verlander from sneaking into the club house incognito and has him thrown out as he begs her to let him into the club. The player, however, isn't far off from getting into the A-club as he was just announced as a starting All-Star pitcher for the American League.

"Obviously right now, I'm pretty excited about it," the player told CBC sports of his new slot. "Actually sitting here just looking over the lineup thinking about how I'm going to pitch these guys."

But over the weekend, the pitcher, joined by his pal Frank Viola Jr. who is the son a Minnesota Twins pitcher, was all play. He and his pal joined Upton and her model friend Lizzy Glynn on a date night that included a Thursday night Aerosmith concert.

Following the concert the group headed to a honky-tonk bar complete with a mechanical bull. Glynn later tweeted that her date, Viola, had been a real charm.

"He took off his pants so I could wear them to ride the mechanical bull.Yes, Southern gentlemen do exist!! @FrankViola3," Glynn Tweeted after the night was over.

The group then proceeded to a second, more stylish bar before ending the night. The next day Upton was seen at a Detroit game sporting full fan attire, with an embroidered "D" baseball cap. Verlander was previously linked to his college sweetheart Emily Yuen.