Kate Upton Look-Alike: 22-Year-Old Russian Student Becomes Instant Star (PHOTOS)

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Ania)Kate Upton look-alike posts photo on Twitter.

A Kate Upton look-alike has reached out to the Sports Illustrated model via her Twitter account.

Kate Upton doesn't seem to mind that another girl, who does not appear to be a model at all, looks strikingly similar to her. It was initially assumed that the girl, identified as 22-year-old Ania, was a mail-order bride based on information from her Twitter account. But as it turns out, Ania, who did not want to share her last name, is simply a student living in Moscow, Russia who happened to have the same coat in her closet that Upton wore on her latest Sports Illustrated cover.

"I've been told I look like her in the past, but when the SI issue came out and she was wearing the same jacket that is hanging in my closet, I knew it had to be done," Ania told Sports Illustrated's "Swim Daily."

Taking her plan into action, Ania posted a picture of herself wearing the same coat and in a similar pose as Upton, on her Twitter account. She also shared the photo with Upton, who responded by re-tweeting the photo. In a matter of hours, Ania's photo was everywhere.

Anita admitted that she was surprised by the amount of attention that she had received.

"I didn't think anyone except my friends would ever see it," she told Swim Daily.

When Anita posted the tweet, she also said in her Twitter bio that she was a "mail order bride in training." That, however, was a joke according to Ania, who now says that many men have shown interest.

"My twitter bio says 'Mail order bride in training' and people took that quite seriously, even though it's a total joke. I'm getting a lot of marriage proposals," she said.

Ania shared that she has been a fan of Kate Upton, whose rise to fame on YouTube was not so different. With 78 followers before the tweet, Ania stated that she was up to 2,600 on Tuesday. By Wednesday she had over 4,000 followers.

(PHOTO:Twitter/Ania)Kate Upton look-alike?