Katherine Heigl 'One For the Money Not Just A Chick Flick'

The former "Grey's Anatomy" actress Katherine Heigl has produced and will star in her new film, "One for the Money."

Based on the best-selling book by Janet Evanovich, the movie has explosions and shooting - reasons that the actress promises male viewers, "You're gonna like it too."

Heigl has appeared in several romantic comedies on the past including "27 Dresses," "Life as We Know It," and "New Year's Eve," but the star insists her new movie will appeal to men.

Speaking to MTV News about "One For the Money," Heigl said, "I wouldn't qualify it as a romantic comedy, but it's mostly about this sort of murder-mystery undertone that keeps it moving and keeps the pace going."

Agreeing with Heigl, "The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd said "One For the Money" is "a lot of action and fun."

"It's something that I think my husband, who is 6-6, 280 pounds, would love," said Shepherd. "So no, it's not just a chick flick; it's a fun film."

Also commenting on the film was Heigl's co-star on on-screen love interest Jason O'mara.

"I think if the guys come and see it, there's gonna be lots in it for them. This is not a frilly romantic comedy. With all due respect to Katie's past work, this is not '27 Dresses.'"

O'mara continued, "There's something kind of edgy, something kinda blue-collar about this that gives it a bit of a realism, and I think it's cool."

Heigl portrays Stephanie Plum, a proud, born-and-bred woman from New Jersey with a lot of attitude. In desperation for money, Plum turns to a bail bonding company to work as a recovery agent. The film hit theaters Friday.

"Whether you're male or female, I think you're gonna have a good time," concluded O'mara.