Katy Perry and John Mayer Still Together: Purposely Hiding Relationship? (VIDEO)

Despite rumors that the couple had split, Katy Perry and John Mayer were spotted together recently at a music festival and it now appears that the pair is purposefully trying to keep their relationship a secret.

Breakups can certainly be difficult. Sometimes, moving on is even harder, especially when trying to avoid having your entire personal life posted on Facebook. It seems that Katy Perry is struggling with a similar feeling, but on a much grander scale.

"You can own 'A Part of Me'" the singer posted on her Twitter account advertising her upcoming movie release. However, releasing a supposed "tell all" docudrama is as far as the singer is willing to go when it comes to sharing her personal life, it would seem. After an apparent hiatus between her and potential boyfriend John Mayer, it was assumed that the pair had split. But surprisingly, she was then spotted with Mayer at a music festival last week.

Later that week, when the couple went out to dinner, Perry was quick to hide her face from the cameras. Katy Perry- who is photographed often by paparazzi- was suddenly camera shy.

The pair shared a meal at the Little Door restaurant according to Mail Online, and then attempted to leave separately. However, when cameras scooted in, Mayer had a difficult time not hovering over Perry in order to protect her.

Days before at the music festival, sources reported that the couple was "all over each other"- reports that are similar to early accounts of the pair before it was believed that they had separated.

Friends of Perry have shown concern for her, fearing that she is falling for another ladies man following her divorce from Russell Brand. Mayer's tactics have been made him infamous through the women he has dated- especially Taylor Swift, who wrote songs about their broken relationship.