Kedric Golston's Christian Commitment

 It took until the end of the current Washington Redskins' player Kedric Golston's senior year in college before he finally "got tired of using God as a good luck charm."

Golston, who had suffered several years of injuries in collegiate football, was anxious about what his future would be post-Division I football. Walking back from his dorms one day, he started praying out loud, expressing his fears and asking God to stay with him, throughout the journey.

The following week, he received what he interpreted as a sign from God. An opposing player that he'd been taunting and blocking all day came up to him after the game.

"He says, 'I got a word for you. Trust in the Lord and he's going to do everything that you want to be done. Just trust in him and serve him with your whole heart.' It just burned in my soul," Golston told Christian Broadcasting News.

Golston was subsequently drafted in the sixth round for the Washington Redskins in 2006. He has played for the team since and signed a three year contract extension in March.