Ken Ham Blasts Doctor Who Says 'Abortion Is Healthcare' Not Murder

Ken Ham
Ken Ham, president of the group Answers in Genesis that founded the Creation Museum speaks during a news conference at the museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, May 26, 2007. |

Creationist Ken Ham blasts those who use Christianity and God's Word to defend the "abominable practice of abortion" and calls it murder, stressing that God pronounced the death penalty for those who would murder another human being in the Old Testament.

Calling abortion "healthcare" or some other "sugarcoated" term doesn't change the fact that it is the taking of an innocent life, writes the president and CEO of Answers in Genesis on his blog post Monday, referring to Willie Parker, a late-term abortionist from Chicago who also performs abortions in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, and believes he's a "Good Samaritan."

"Abortion is healthcare" and "for me, my Christianity leads me to a place of non-judgment," Ham quotes Parker as saying at a pro-abortion fundraiser in Massachusetts. "I'm never in conflict about if abortion ends a life process. Pregnancy is a life process. … All life processes that occur in the body of a woman are subordinate to the well-being of that woman. Women's agency and power to determine all the processes that go on inside their body allows me to place their well-being first and foremost."

Quoting Genesis 9:5–6, Ham then contends: "After the Flood, God even pronounced the death penalty for those who would murder another human being. And God gives the reasoning for this — because every human being is made in the image of God."

Through the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25–37, Jesus sought to teach us that "we're to love our neighbor as ourselves and that our 'neighbor' isn't restricted to those living near us or belonging to our same cultural or ethnic group," Ham says. "Nothing in this parable whatsoever can be used to justify murder!"

It's not a woman's right to decide life and death for her unborn child, he stresses. "Life is a gift of God, and we don't have the right to decide when or if we will destroy an innocent life," he says, referring to Acts 17:25. "Because an unborn child is still in the womb, he or she suddenly doesn't matter — all that matters are the desires of the mother. This is wrong. Murder is murder, regardless of location."

But there is hope for everyone, including doctors like parker, Ham adds.

"That hope is found in repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation," he explains, quoting Romans 10:9–10.

"Through His death on the Cross, Jesus took all sin — including the sin of abortion — upon Himself, suffering God's wrath against sin for us," he continues. "He now offers forgiveness for sins and new and eternal life through His Resurrection from the grave. If you've had or performed an abortion, you — like every other person since Adam and Eve — stand guilty before God. But praise God that He offers us full forgiveness and a new life! Receive the good news of the gospel, turn from your sin, and live for Jesus Christ."

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