Kevin Ware Leg Video Goes Viral: Louisville Player Suffers Horrific Injury, Leg Snaps in Half (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)Kevin Ware suffered an horrific leg injury in Louisville's NCAA 2013 Elite 8 game against Duke on Sunday March 31, 2013. As he landed from trying to block an attempted three-pointer he landed awkwardly breaking his leg in half.

Kevin Ware suffered an horrific leg injury in Louisville's NCAA Elite 8 game on Sunday.

Ware jumped up and across court to try and block a 3-point shot by Duke's Tyler Thornton, but when he landed he came down at an angle and the bottom half of his leg snapped in half.

Players on the bench next to where he landed jumped back in horror covering their faces, and Louisville's on court players also fell to the ground covering their faces, shocked at the injury.

The game was halted momentarily as medics rushed to Ware's aid, as he laid courtside in agony.

It was later revealed that Ware suffered a compound fracture, and it is not yet known how long he may be out of action for or whether the injury could have any long term effects on his career.

As Ware was carried off on a stretcher fans chanted his name, but on court some of his teammates were moved to tears, and it was even reported that some players vomited by the bench.

Louisville players quickly had to regroup into a huddle and recapture their composure, and it appeared they did a good job of it. They went on to clinch an NCAA 2013 Final Four spot, eventually beating Duke convincingly by 85-63.

The Final Four games in the March Madness tournament will take place next weekend.

Here is a video of Kevin Ware's leg injury, although viewers should be warned that the injury is quite gruesome: