Khloe Kardashian Instagram Photos with NBA Hubby Reveal Him Living at Hotel, Again

Khloe Kardashian might have revealed that she and her NBA husband Lamar Odom are currently not living together, after she posted a picture on her Instagram account that had some unusual décor.

Khloe posted a snap of her and Odom's feet side-by-side, but fans immediately noticed some familiar carpeting captured in the post.

"They look so small compared to his," Kardashian wrote in reference to her green Christian Louboutin stiletto next to Odom's fluorescent Nike sneaker.

Followers noticed that the carpet in the background of the image is an exact match to what can be found in the guest rooms at The Garden Inn Hilton in Calabasas, Calif. The same hotel that is rumored to have been where Odom moved last week after departing the couple's home in Encino.

Last week Khloe was spotted arriving at that hotel, but Odom was not with her at the time. The picture was posted only a few hours after Khloe was seen at the hotel and is leading to speculation that the NBA star has taken up residence in the hotel.

"He had been staying at the Hilton, but once photographers found out he was staying there, he moved to another location. Lamar isn't living under the same roof with Khloe right now. She knows he has been cheating on her and is absolutely devastated."

There have been a number of different rumors about alleged infidelity, which has led to trust issue between the two.

Previous reports indicated that Odom cheated on his wife starting in January 2012 with a 29-year-old Jennifer Richardson after the two met while Odom was a member of the Dallas Mavericks and was in Washington D.C. for a game against the Washington Wizards, as reported by E! online.

Khloe had previously stated that divorce was never an option and that she was willing to work through any problems to keep their marriage intact.