Khloe Kardashian 'X Factor' Boosts Ratings (PHOTO)

Khloe Kardashian made her "X Factor" debut on Wednesday night and the reality TV star was left red-faced after her boss Simon Cowell subtly pointed out her wardrobe malfunction.

Kardashian, 28, walked on the stage alongside Mario Lopez to co-host the live talent show for the very first time and although initially she appeared to be confident and in good spirits, Cowell's comments left her in a seemingly awkward position. The TV host wore a pencil skirt and sheer blouse.

The reality TV star later admitted to the problem and took to her personal Twitter page to address what some of her followers referred to as a "flashing" incident.

The incident was reportedly a ratings booster for the struggling show and despite previous criticisms about the show's new hosts, it appears that Kardashian and Lopez may ultimately help revamp the reality TV show.

"Some 7.4 million viewers watched "The X Factor" on Fox television, according to early ratings data, up some 30 percent from last week's 5.7 million and a 13 percent increase in the 18-49 age group most coveted by advertisers," Yahoo News reported.

Kardashian's wardrobe malfunction may not be the only awkward incident that she encounters while fulfilling her new hosting gig. On Tuesday it was claimed that the E! reality star would be joined on the show by her sister Kim's first husband Damon Thomas, according to

Thomas, a renowned music producer, was married to Kim, 31, for four years before they eventually parted ways and he has openly bad-mouthed the reality star ever since. He has reportedly joined "X-Factor" as a guest mentor to the contestants.