Kidnapped Brothers Found Safe, Reunited With Mother

Kidnapped brothers Ray and Darren Bonilla have been found safe and sound after being taken from their babysitter while their mother ran an errand. The boys were reunited with their mother, and a 23-year-old woman has been taken into custody.

"The children have been found. We stopped the person who had them, who we were looking for. The boys are both in very good shape," North Miami Police spokesman Neal Cueveas told ABC News.

The woman, known as "Gloria" and Jennifer Krasner, allegedly showed up at the babysitter's home unexpectedly and claimed she knew the boys' mother.

"She told the babysitter, basically, I need to take these children somewhere, and before the babysitter could stop her, they were in the car and gone," Detective Felix Guadarrama told WSVN News.

"The investigation led us to a couple of addresses where she might be at and we were able to spot a couple of vehicles. Eventually, one of the vehicles started moving. We were able to confirm that there was a female and children in the car. We stopped the vehicle: it was her; it was the kids. Everybody was detained and brought in here," Guadarrama added.

The mother did in fact know "Gloria" but never gave her permission to take the children. Once she realized who had the children, she called Krasner and managed to keep her on the phone for some time in order to assess that the children were safe. When "Gloria" got angry and turned off her phone, the boys' mother, Charmen Bonilla, called the police.

"She was upset because I didn't want her to leave with the kids, so she decided to take off with them," Charmen told WSVN.

"Gloria" has not been charged by police but they are still investigating the case and may bring charges at a later date. For now, though, police are simply glad to have reunited the boys with their mother.