Killer Nanny Yoselyn Ortega 'Just Snapped' Before Killing Krim Family Kids, Sisters Say

Yoselyn Ortega, the woman allegedly responsible for the deaths of two young children in New York City last week is awake and talking, according to new reports Monday. The 50 year old nanny, who is alleged to have stabbed two children to death before attempting to take her own life, has asked about her own family.

Meanwhile, Ortega's family has said they believe she just "snapped" before killing the two children she was entrusted to look after.

Last week Ortega was found in the Krim family apartment with the two children she was supposed to be looking after. The children's mom, Marina Krim, returned home to find her six year old daughter, Lucia, and two year old son, Leo, in the bathtub with multiple stab wounds. Ortega was reportedly beside them with two kitchen knives, which she then turned on herself, slashing her wrists and neck in what appears to be an attempted suicide.

Tragically, the children did not survive, but Ortega was rushed to the hospital and after coming out of a medically-induced coma is now alert and speaking. She reportedly remains in critical condition but is at least able to communicate with doctors.

According to one report, she specifically asked about her own family and their welfare. However, she is still refusing to speak to police about what happened, and has asked for a lawyer, according to the New York Post. Her family, however, are speaking out about the tragic situation and what could have led to the brutal murders.

"We don't understand what happened to her mind," Celia Ortega, Yoselyn's sister, told the Post before adding that she believed her sister "just snapped."

"Yoselyn is fair, loving, loving with those children. She loved them," Mailaydys Ortega, Yoselyn's older sister added. "Those children were here. They were happy, running, playing."

Meanwhile, the Krim family, Kevin and Marina, have obviously been left devastated by the murders of two of their three children. Marina reportedly had to be sedated at the hospital after becoming hysterical following finding the horrific scene of her children's deaths.

"Thanks for your concern," father Kevin texted to friends recently. He also reported about the state of their surviving three year old daughter. "Nessie woke up this morning and is doing fine. We're obviously heartbroken."

The couple's third child, Nessie, was with mom Marina at the time of the murders and has been kept in seclusion along with her parents since the tragedy. So far they have not said anything else about the situation and remain in mourning.