Kim Kardashian Divorce Official: Kris Humphries Didn't Want to Miss NBA Playoffs

Kim Kardashian's divorce became finalized Friday, according to reports. A judge granted the couple, who was married for only 72 days in 2011, a divorce today after Kris Humphries' initial request for an annulment was dropped. Although there was an initial battle between the ex-couple as to the way the marriage would end, Kardashian may have the NBA playoffs to thank for the divorce she wanted.

Kim Kardashian was given a divorce in a Los Angeles court after repeated legal jockeying by both sides: Humphries, the 28-year-old power forward for the Brooklyn Nets, wanted an annulment based on fraud, while Kardashian simply wanted a divorce. Thursday night, the pair agreed to separate on Kardashian's terms, and Friday, the 32-year-old appeared in court alone to finalize the separation, according to TMZ.

"Congratulations on your dissolution," the judge told Kardashian and her lawyer Laura Wasser. Legally, though, both parties must still sign documentation for the court to recognize the divorce.

Humphries received no money from Kardashian in the divorce, with both parties agreeing to pay their own legal fees

Humphries, though, did not appear in court, choosing instead to practice with the Brooklyn Nets for their upcoming playoff showdown against the Chicago Bulls. Their divorce case had been scheduled for May 6, and conflicted with the playoffs, which meant the NBA player would have had to miss games to fight for an annulment.

"There was no way Kris would miss anything with the Nets," a source told The New York Daily News of the incident. "The team means more to him than this, so this really wasn't a tough decision for him."

Although Humphries reportedly wanted an annulment, not a divorce, because of his Christian beliefs, he had also previously sacrificed fighting the case because of his commitment to basketball. He was supposed to appear before a judge April 12 along with Kardashian, but instead stayed with the Nets in Indianapolis.

The judge was ready to penalize Humphries for failing to appear in court previously, but in a final act of congeniality, Kardashian asked that he not be punished, and the financial penalty was waived, according to TMZ.

Though Humphries initial demands from Kardashian- an annulment, a public apology for a fraudulent marriage based on increasing reality TV ratings, or a divorce and $7 million- were not met, he still seemed satisfied with the decision.

"Couldn't be happier!!" the NBA player tweeted Thursday.

Kardashian, who is pregnant with rapper Kanye West's baby, is due to have her first child in July.