Kim Kardashian Post-Baby Body 'Great,' Excited to Lose Weight

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just welcomed their first child on June 15, but the reality star is already preparing to return to her pre-baby body.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kardashian was criticized for her maternity fashion as well as her weight gain.

Consequently, it was widely reported that the first-time mother was anxious to return to her pre-baby figure.

However, now that the baby girl has arrived, Kardashian's trainer Tracy Anderson revealed that the new mom is not concerned over her weight.

"It's a tough time, and a lot of women feel like it's a huge mountain to climb to get back, but Kim, surprisingly, has had the total opposite reaction to other moms," said the celebrity trainer speaking to Us Weekly. "She's like, 'We're going to be so good. It's fun, I feel great!'"

Furthermore, motherhood has taken precedence over weight loss, according Anderson.

"She just loves the whole process," said the 38-year-old fitness mogul. "From our talks during her pregnancy, I thought she was going to be really concerned [about her weight] once the baby was out, but she's really just not … She's in baby heaven.

"She's excited to get started, but she's really calm about it," noted Anderson.

Even though Kardashian will not start a workout program for another three weeks, Anderson said she would be personally present during Kardashian's workouts. The sought-after coach seldom trains celebrities herself, but it making an exception for the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star.

"She promised me she would be the best student ever, and I promised her that I would do it personally for her, that I would go to her myself and get her back," Anderson told Us Weekly. "Kim is super motivated, she's all in. Pregnancy is actually an opportunity for women to look better than ever, and [Kim] will."

Meanwhile, the celebrity trainer's clients also include Hollywood A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Bethenny Frankel.

For an example of a work out by Tracy Anderson, visit YouTube here. She has gym locations in Los Angeles, New York City, The Hamptons, and London.

Additionally, the former dancer has launched a pregnancy workout DVD collection aimed at women in the pre- and post-natal periods.