Kim Kardashian 'Probably' Having Twins, Kris Jenner Claims

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Kim Kardashian)Kim Kardashian sports baby bump.

Kim Kardashian is just five months away from giving birth to her first child and her mother Kris Jenner has revealed that the reality TV star may in fact deliver twins.

Kardashian, 31, is expecting a child with rapper Kanye West and Jenner, 56, admitted that while she suspects the couple is having twins, she is still unsure about the gender, according to E! News.

"I think it's probably twins!" Kris told E! News. When asked about the gender she said "I don't know, I'm not even going to try to guess."

Fans first began speculating that Kardashian is carrying twins on New Year's Eve when West, 34, announced her pregnancy during a concert. Later that day it was revealed that the reality TV star had received medical treatment on Christmas Day after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, the same condition that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton suffered from, is said to be more frequently found in women who are expecting twins.

Kardashian is reportedly hoping for a girl while West wants a boy, the couple is allegedly yet to determine their baby's gender.

"Kanye wants a boy but would be happy with a girl too, he doesn't really care," a source told"Kim wants a little girl badly. But right now, nobody knows what they are having."

The reality TV star, who is featured in a number of her family's E! reality TV shows, will continue to allow camera crews into her home ultimately to capture some of her most private moments despite her being pregnant, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Kim and Kanye are an incredibly dynamic couple, and their baby news is just so exciting," E! network president Suzanne Kolb told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "Like so many Kardashian fans, we love it when this close-knit family gets even bigger. We look forward to sharing the joy as they prepare for more diapers, more bottle and without a doubt, more fabulous baby wear."