Kirstie Alley Takes Up Scientology Battle Against Anti-Depressants

Kirstie Alley has launched an all-out attack on pharmaceutical companies and makers of antidepressants. Alley got into a heated Twitter debate after posting a series of controversial comments about the use and administration of the drugs.

"HOW is it legal to INTICE people to down TWO mind altering drugs by using cartoon characters to depict the DRUGS? ABILIFY," Alley first tweeted. "Big PHARMA not marketing to youth? ABILIFY… Talking umbrella, cute little smiley pill, while lethal side effects like suicide r rattled off," she added.

Some fans tweeted their own experience with the drug, which varied from the lifesaving to the extremely negative. Alley never let up on her own stance though, no matter how others felt.

"You can hate me for my viewpoint, but on this it won't change… some things are just not right… a 'little bit of slavery' is not acceptable," Alley posted.

Alley is a Scientologist, which is an organization that does not support the use of psychotic medications. She has been an outspoken opponent of medicating children and testified on behalf of Scientologist beliefs with Kelly Preston at a hearing in Florida.

"This isn't an issue about psychiatrist vs. non, but about the children," Alley said while sobbing.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, taught that psychiatry was dangerous and any mental illnesses could be overcome with methods other than drugs or traditional psychological treatment. Tom Cruise famously defended Scientology's views on antidepressants after Brooke Shields admitted that she had used them while suffering from postpartum depression.

Now Alley has picked up the torch and ignited another firestorm against the use of medication.

When asked what made her an expert on the subject, Alley quickly fired off an explicit reply.

"I don't know," Alley tweeted, "guess the same thing that makes u a [expletive]… experience."

"I'm getting off here… I'm causing way too much controversy… Ours has become a country of medicos and drugs, but we just keep gettin sicker. Poor God… He sure has his work cut out for him," Alley tweeted before leaving the conversation.