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Ground Turkey Recall: Kroger Removes all Cargill Products from Shelves after USDA Investigation

Ground Turkey Recall: Kroger Removes all Cargill Products from Shelves after USDA Investigation

Kroger supermarket chain has issued a recall for all ground turkey products manufactured by Cargill, according to their press release Thursday.

Cargill, a company that manufactures various ground turkey products, recalled 36 million pounds of its fresh and frozen ground turkey products this week after cooperating with the USDA in an investigation to pinpoint meat contaminated with Salmonella Heidelberg.

Kroger is cooperating with them in the recall and urging consumers to check their freezers and refrigerators for the recalled items.

The supermarket chain also told its customers to return any Cargill ground turkey products under Honeysuckle and Kroger labels stating that they would give them a full refund.

The recalled ground turkey products were sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia locations, according to the press release.

The Kroger owned stores selling the recalled turkey were Dillons and Gerbes in Kansas and Missouri; Baker’s in Nebraska; Fry’s in Arizona; King Soopers and City Market in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming; Food 4 Less, Hilander, Jay C Owen’s, Pay Less and Scott’s stores in Illinois and Indiana; and Ralph’s, Foods Co. and Food 4 Less in California.

The company also gave an update stating that none of their Smith’s stores including those located in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, sold ground turkey products subject to the recall.

Kroger has a family of stores in over 25 states.

The supermarket chain has issued a list of products subject to the recall on It also states that Cargill has a list of all the affected products and retailers on their official website.

Kroger has removed all the affected items from their store shelves. The company is also placing signs throughout its stores in the meat departments.


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