Leah Remini Left Scientology, Older Sister Nicole Tells All: It's 'Going to Be Ugly'

Leah Remini Left Scientology, Older Sister Nicole Tells All: It's 'Going to Be Ugly'

In the wake of actress Leah Remini reportedly leaving the Church of Scientology, her older sister Nicole is offering a unique insight into how the actress and her family is allegedly coping.

During an interview with myTalk 107.1 radio host Colleen Lindstrom, Nicole addressed the situation and how her sister's actions have impacted her family and its relationship with the Church of Scientology.

"Everybody left," Nicole said of her family's recent departure from the church. "When this all came down, everybody had to make a choice whether they were going to stick by Leah or stick by the church. So they all left at the same time."

She added that she hoped Leah and the cult could go about their separate lives, but understands that this story going away anytime soon is not all that realistic.

"This week is going to be ugly. There's more to come out. The press just isn't letting it go. She's just hanging in there. She's in good spirits. This too shall pass. Soon this will be old news, as long as the church lets it go. Which I don't think will happen. That would be the smartest thing to do," Nicole said.

A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology issued a statement to The Christian Post regarding Remini's departure.

"The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no further comment," the organization said.

However, on the claims of "interrogations" and "thought modification" by The New York Post's source, the Church of Scientology told The Christian Post: "The allegations of 'interrogations' and 'thought modification' are absurd and pure nonsense, as are all the statements made about the Church's leader, Mr. David Miscavige."

"Under the 25-year leadership of Mr. Miscavige, following in the footsteps of our Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, the Church is enjoying tremendous expansion as shown in our new Churches opening on six continents and the many new parishioners joining their congregations," the Church stated.


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