LeAnn Rimes Wishes Brandi Glanville Happiness After Eddie Cibrian Affair

LeAnn Rimes recently opened up about her extramarital affair with Eddie Cibrian just days after her ongoing feud with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville reached new heights.

The troubled singer claims that while she does not regret having the affair with Cibrian, who was married to Glanville at the time, she wishes the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star well.

"I don't like the word regret, I wish I handled it differently because I wish I could have been better for me, for Brandi [Glanville, Cibrian's ex-wife], for Dean [Sheremet, Rimes' ex-husband], for Eddie, for everyone else," Rimes said in an interview with E! News' Giuliana Rancic.

"I know, in this situation, it's going to take some time. All I wish is that everyone that was hurt, that we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy," she explained. "No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision [to have an affair]."

In August, Rimes, 30, voluntarily checked into rehab to cope with "anxiety and stress" stemming from abuse she allegedly received from critics. Many proceeded to criticize her over her affair with Cibrian via social networking sites like Twitter.

Following Rimes' release after 30-days of in-patient treatment, Glanville recently made claims that the singer is an unfit step-parent.

The Bravo reality TV star, who shares two sons with Cibrian, made explosive claims about Rimes in a recent interview with Us magazine. She ultimately urged Cibrian not to leave Rimes alone with their two sons, Mason, 9, and Jake, 5.

"LeAnn has a severe eating disorder. She has [a laxative] in every purse. Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don't keep sugar in the house. He thought he finally found candy! He gets extremely sick, and that freaks me the f--- out," Glanville told Us.

Rimes and Cibrian publicly blasted Glanville over the interview and suggested that the mother of two is dishonest and opportunistic.