Lewinsky PBS Documentary Raises Moral Question: Presidents with Values

A new documentary to air on PBS titled "American Experience: Clinton" has raised the question of values and morals for many Americans. Some have asked if Americans are not tired of politicians' lies, a question which could be answered by the success of moral candidates in the upcoming presidential election.

Just last week Mimi Alford came forward to tell her tale as a former intern that was once seduced to sleep with President John F. Kennedy. Now, a new documentary will air on PBS which brings to light the affair president Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky – an affair he denied having to the world.

For the documentary, several former workers of the White House have come forward to relay new details concerning the affair Clinton had with Lewinsky. Dick Morris, Clinton's former adviser and pollster, spoke about the moment Clinton came to him concerning the affair.

"Bill said to me: 'Ever since I got to the White House I have had to shut down my body,'" said Morris.

Morris continued by revealing that Clinton then relayed that he had been involved with Lewinsky seriously enough to be in a large amount of trouble. Clinton proceeded by asking Morris to conduct a poll on how he should handle the scandal.

The new information has caused some to feel outraged.

"If you have to contact a pollster about whether or not you should tell the truth, then truth is not your primary concern, and you are not honest by nature," said one poster, Rose, of the president's actions on Yahoo.

"He cheated on her before they were married, and has cheated on her ever since. An OK President, made to appear greater by an adoring Press. As a man, not much. A man respects his family, he doesn't cheat on them," Richard added to the blog.

Many also asked if Americans weren't tired of all of the lies already.

"Clinton was a moral reprobate, his lies were daily reminders of his depravity," Ronnyp wrote.

In fact, the new elections could reveal that Americans in fact are beginning to ask for more sound moral values from their president.

"In spite of all the talk of [the 2010 elections] being about the economy and jobs – and clearly economy and jobs were critical – they found that 32 percent of the entire electorate on Nov. 2 was made up of conservative and evangelical Christians, who voted 78-to-21 Republican," the National Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed stated.

"And [evangelicals] were the booster rocket that drove the biggest off-year landslide in a century, and they will be key to victory in 2012 again," added Reed.

New reports have stated that former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum is currently holding the lead in the newest Ohio poll with 36 percent, while the previous front-runner Mitt Romney fell to second at 29 percent.

Santorum has played a strong role in upholding moral values, and even been considered a more moral candidate by many for his staunch stance on abortion, the sanctity of marriage, and other family issues.