Lifeguard Saves Boy, Gets Bill for $2,600 (VIDEO)

John Clark, 17, was only doing his job when he rescued a 12-year-old boy from the ocean. He never imagined there would be a $2,600 bill for the rescue, which sent him to the hospital.

Clark, a trained lifeguard, saw the young boy struggling in the ocean and immediately jumped into action. He swam out to the boy and stayed with him until emergency personnel could arrive and take over. Clark and the 12-year-old were both taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Even though he expected a bill from the hospital, Clark never imagined that it would total $2,600. According to the bill, Clark owed $449 for a visit to the emergency room, $227 to the physician who treated him, and $1,907 to the ambulance company that provided the transportation.

Dan Clark, John's father, told KOIN that two anonymous donors have agreed to pay the hospital bill after hearing about John's rescue.

"I've been in contact with them, and they're going to present my son with a check for the hospital. They want to remain anonymous," Dan explained.

The bill would have been devastating to the Clark family, as no one is insured, and the family had problems establishing a bank account where people could send donations.

"We went down to our bank, which told us we had to get an attorney and set up a trust fund for him," Dan said.

"So we called the hospital to say that we wanted to have people send money to them, but then these two people came forward," he added. Thankfully, the bills have all been paid, and the family is still receiving donations from people inspired by John's courage.

"This guy deserves a medal, NOT a bill," Micah S commented on Yahoo.

"I hope the boy's parents realize their son's life is worth more than the $2,600 and they want to pay that bill for him," added Niccie. "How sad that saving someone can cost a person. No wonder people never want to help strangers anymore."