Lil Wayne: 'Thank God' Not Part of Drake and Chris Brown Beef

Drake and Chris Brown may be the subjects of attention when they appear at the MTV Video Music Awards next month after a violent altercation last June, but the former's record label president is laughing off their altercation and thanking God that he wasn't involved.

Lil Wayne, 29-year-old rapper named Dwayne Carter, recently spoke to MTV News about the altercation that took place in a New York City nightclub involving Drake and Brown. Wayne told MTV that he laughed at the incident that left many people injured and resulted in a lawsuit against both parties involved.

"Honestly, I laughed at them," Wayne said with a laugh. "I can't front, I just laughed at them... like, it's funny to me."

The incident involving Drake, 25-year-old rapper on Wayne's record label YMCMB, and 23-year-old Brown reportedly began when the latter sent a bottle of champagne to the former which was later refused. While The Sun reported that the bottle was a peace offering to end a feud sparked from Drake's rumored romantic relationship with Rihanna, the publication stated that the rapper sent the bottle back to Brown.

While details about who started throwing bottles have yet to be revealed due to a pending investigation, the security staff belonging to each respective musician reportedly got involved in the scuffle and Brown took to Twitter to vent about the matter.

"How (do) you party with rich (expletives) that hate," Brown questioned on his Twitter early Thursday morning. "Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!"

Brown also tweeted a picture of his face with a gash on his chin, before removing any tweets that showed signs of the incident. While neither Drake or Brown admitted to initiating the altercation, Lil Wayne said he is thankful that he was not involved after overcoming a stint in NYC's Riker's Island stemming from a 2009 weapons possession charge.

"I thank God I ain't going through it though, I've already been through too much," Wayne told MTV.