Lindsay Lohan 'Hell Bent' on Getting Out of Rehab for Birthday

Lindsay Lohan is hoping to get out of the Betty Ford Clinic for her 27th birthday. Lohan has been in Betty Ford since May 3, and if she is allowed to leave, it will be 30 days shy of the 90-day requirement.

"Lindsay is hell bent on getting out of there before the big day," a friend revealed to Radar Online. She "has been asking her doctors to send a letter to the court, and prosecutors, outlining the progress she has made, and that keeping her there for 90 days isn't necessary."

A judge previously said that Lohan was not to leave the clinic under any circumstances, and that if she did, she would face serious jail time. Lohan has been following the judge's orders and has even reportedly been weaned off of Adderall, her drug of choice.

"Lindsay isn't going to get her way, as her doctors think she could actually benefit from longer treatment, not less! Even if Betty Ford did send a letter, her plea deal said she had to remain there for 90 days. She won't be allowed to leave early. If she does, it's jail time," the insider added.

Even Lohan's parents are working together to help their daughter get the help she needs. Dina and Michael have reportedly called a truce to their endless battle and have met for dinner and plan to attend a family counseling session at Betty Ford on Saturday.

"There was no booze at the table," an eyewitness told Radar of the couple's dinner. "Dina and Michael were talking nicely to each other and not fighting."

Lohan has had several run-ins with the law and has been in and out of treatment. In a final attempt to help the troubled starlet, a judge ordered her to rehab instead of prison; after a lot of drama, Lohan finally ended up at Betty Ford for a 90-day inpatient stay.