Lindsay Lohan Racy Role Raises Eyebrows

Lindsay Lohan has landed a racy role playing opposite a porn star in "The Canyons" to follow her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor later this year.

Many critics are questioning Lohan's decision to fill the risqué role considering her recent bouts with the law and struggle to improve her image. The 25-year-old has been in and out of court appearances.

She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service for misdemeanor theft and probation violation in February of 2011 after stealing a necklace from a jewelry store.

"The Canyons" will be produced by Braxton Pope, who says Lohan is perfect for the role as "Tara." Many have yet to be convinced, however.

"We definitely wanted her for the role," explained Braxton about casting process to E! News. "We met again and did some tests, and it was great."

Lohan's character Tara has been described as having "sold her pride for the material comforts," and promises a dark, controversial story line.

"Lindsay is incredibly charismatic in person, but unfortunately she is someone whose publicity can overwhelm the most essential fact that she's enormously talented," Braxton continued. "There's not question that we all want her in this role and we all want her to succeed."

The actress' troubled past remains a forefront in the minds of critics as she assumed the role of Taylor in the upcoming biopic "Liz and Dick." Many fans of the late iconic actress feel as though Lohan will not fill her role as Taylor adequately.

A source in the film industry revealed that the film makers behind "The Canyons" waited to see how Lohan handled the work load of "Liz and Dick" before they considered casting the actress.

"They were very clear with Lindsay that there is concern about her ability to be disciplined enough to get through production," an insider told E! "They spent an hour with her and they set conditions, telling her that they need to hear from the producers of 'Liz and Dick' that she's showing up on time and things like that."

The insider noted that filming for "The Canyon" would begin in July, with or without Lohan.

Starring Lohan, Grant Bowler, and David Hunt, "Liz and Dick" is scheduled for release November 3, 2012.